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 Publications of year 2017

In a bid to provide alternative revenue sources, in view of the dwindling oil revenue occasioned primarily by the fall in crude oil price and to make good its promise to div...

2. CBN Sanctions on Dud Cheques and Nigeria`s Credit System- PUC Journal January 2017

 Publications of year 2014
3. Transfer Pricing in Nigeria: Emerging Trends - PUC Journal March 2014
4. Political Parties’ Divisions,Factions and Carpet-Crossing - PUC Journal - February 2014

 Publications of year 2014
5. Nigeria`s Broadband Plan 2013 to 2018 - PUC Journal January 2014 Edition

 Publications of year 2013
6. Cabotage Policy and International Maritime Politics The Nigerian Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act 2003

To appreciate the necessity and the importance of cabotage law we need to refresh our minds with some background information on the operating environment. Nigeria made up of 36 states plus the Federal Capital Territory has a total land area of 924,000 sq km with an with an estimated population of...

7. World Trade Organization Agreements: The Possible Effect on the Nigerian Maritime Industry

A world of over 6 billion persons is potentially an unstable place. Imagine the claims this enormous population makes on natural resources and the consequent inability of most governments to satisfy the needs of its people at the appropriate time, at a cheap cost and in the quantity demanded.


 Publications of year 2013
8. Mobile Number Portability Regime - PUC Journal June 2013

After almost four years of careful conceptualization, planning, surveys and industry reviews, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC or The Commission) finally launched the Nigerian Mobile Number Portability regime…


 Publications of year 2012
9. The Legal Framework: Creating an Appropriate Regulatory Environment for Electronic and Mobile Commerce

The paper discussed the legal and regulatory framework for a viable electronic and mobile commerce era.

10. Digital Mobile License Auction Success Story: The Lessons and Challenges Therefrom

Between January 17 and 19 2011, Nigeria made record by successfully holding Africa’s first spectrum auction for the provision of second generation digital mobile telephony services. Three digital mobile licenses (“DML”) were on offer and each of the licenses had a reserve price ...

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